Monday, June 19, 2006

Online Treasures

Online marketing is one the most important discussions on the Internet and many web sites are dealing with this subject. But people always ask me: Is it possible to earn money through internet and with internet opportunities or it is just a dream. I always answer them that IT IS TRUE, but not for all people and all web sites! I mean only some online marketers are successful and the others just try, spend money and then give up.

They don't know how to design their web site. They don't know what good internet job opportunities and how to find it. They don't know how to find a good place for their products and services. They don't know what kind of advertising is helpful and what kind of them don't worth. They don't know how to advertise. They don't know how to track their ads. They don't know how to put ads in ezines. They don't know how to write articles for ezines.

They don't know how to ... So what will happen? They invest lots of dollars for registering their domain and buying host, submitting their site to search engines, placing banners and classified ads to other sites and ... and they don't earn even a penny! Then they give up and say online marketing and internet job opportunities don't work and it is just wasting of time and money!!! What a bad judgment!!!

But I want ask them what other kinds of jobs they know that get good results for them without having any skill and -more important-spending some time and ...? I know some online marketers that broke even after 3 years but they didn't give up and now they earn about $80,000 per month. Yes, I am not joking, $80,000 per month. Of course I don't want to say that you have to work for 3 years and after that you can get results. But I want to say if you select the best way and don't follow useless methods, you will succeed.

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