Thursday, April 27, 2006

This led me to words related to cars. I have sold several cars on eBay and have really liked how well it worked. The first time I tried to sell a car; I didn’t think I could do it, but it was easy, fast and inexpensive. I was hooked. I figured that other people would like it too. I had previously used the magazine Autotrader and its website to sell vehicles. So I did a search for the keyword: autotrader on Overtures Suggestion Tool as indicated below:

There were 650,115 searches for the keyword autotrader for Mar 2003.Next, I checked the Overture Maxbid Tool for the keyword autotrader:Wow, no bidded listings. That looked like good news!Then, I went to Google and searched for autotrader.There were no AdWords for the keyword autotrader. That was even better news!

I was able to determine that there were 650,115 searches for the keyword autotrader during the previous month; and no Overture Ads or Google AdWords for the keyword autotrader.
I concluded that this could be a profitable market. My next step was to become an affiliate of eBay. This was free and easy and took only 5 minutes. I went to eBay’s site and looked for information about their affiliate program. I found it easily. At the bottom of eBay’s home page I found their affiliate Program link. Upon following that link, I learned that eBay uses two different Affiliate Program Providers for their affiliate program - BeFree and Commission Junction.

At this point I was already a member of CJ. (You’ll see in Step #1, p.32 how easy it is to become a member without cost).I next logged into my CJ account and clicked on get Links there, I found m from the list of advertisers. Before I could get the links I was prompted to join eBay’s affiliate program. I clicked on join Program A pop up window automatically told me that I was accepted for the program. Ebay automatically accepts all publishers (CJ calls their affiliates, Publishers and their merchants, Advertisers). I also got an email from eBay welcoming me to their Affiliate Program.

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