Thursday, April 27, 2006

Behind the scenes this URL passes through Commission Junction and inserts my affiliate ID into eBay’s system. That means that when a customer clicks on my link and registers, I receive the commission. This happens without the user even knowing. As far as the web surfer is concerned, he or she went straight to eBay Motors. It was now an eBay Affiliate through Commission Junction and I had the URL with my Affiliate ID in it.In about 5minutes I set up a Google AdWords Ad. (I’ll show you how to setup these ads later in Step #6 on p. 65)

For the Headline I wrote: Better than auto trader
For Description Line 1: Ebay Motors - register now for free
For Description Line 2: Buying or selling a car? It works.

In the Display URL field, I put: (use the URL of the site the customer is directed to when he or she clicks on the link). In the Destination URL field I put: 5463217?loc=http%3A//
Again, this is the link that Commission Junction provided me for eBay. Remember, this link takes the customer directly to the eBay website ( and provides CJ with my unique Affiliate ID. This ensures that I receive the commission.

Because there were no other Google ads, I bid the least amount which is 5 cents per click. As the only ad, I was placed in the number one Ad position for only 5 cents per click. In the beginning, I set my daily budget limit at $5. This allowed me to test the results fo r a couple of days without risking more than $10. If it turned out to be profitable, I would increase the daily budget limit to get as much traffic as p ossible.

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